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Recruitment to PSRP Expert Committees

Parliament of Students of the Republic of Poland is an organization representing and acting for all students in Poland! Activity in PSRP is an excellent opportunity to develop and gain practical experience, which can also pay off on the labor market. 


Below you will find descriptions of the areas where you can start your adventure! If one of them is of particular interest to you, do not hesitate – fill out the form now. 

After completing the form correctly and completing the recruitment questions, you will be contacted by the person responsible for the given area. 

P.S. Don’t forget to refer to clause regarding the processing of personal data 


Area descriptions

Project Committee

The activities of the committee will be based on teamwork to prepare events organized by the Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland. It is thanks to the project committee that initiatives such as: 

  • XXVIII National PSRP Conference; 
  • 5th PSRP Academy #zaPROJEKTowani; 
  • 10th Conference of Student Rights Experts; 
  • 31st Convention of Student Government Presidents combined with the 11th Pro Juvenes Student Community Awards Gala, 

they can take place! Together, we will analyze the current needs of local government officials, solve problems and tasks, select promotional materials, support participants, and work intensively during events. That’s not all, there are many challenges ahead of us, but the satisfaction you will get from the implementation of a specific project is invaluable! 

Designer life cycle: 

  1. He says, “I have an idea, we’re doing it!” 
  2. This is his second day without sleep 
  3. He’s looking for his notes, he’s swearing at excel, he wants to quit 
  4. The project is tomorrow, screaming at everyone that nothing is ready 
  5. From the morning at the highest speed, distributes tasks, cannot sit still and catches everything 
  6. The closer it gets to the end, the more irritated he gets, and he swears to everyone that he will never do another project 
  7. The end of the event, he can celebrate, collect congratulations, and fall asleep for a few days 
  8. He wakes up, a twinkle appears in his eye, and in his head the thought “I have an idea.” 

Is this what your job in student government looks like? Do you love the adrenaline of the approaching deadline and the satisfaction at the end of the project? Is your head full of ideas? If so, you will find your place in the project committee! 

Legal and Social Affairs Committee

We will divide the activities of the committee into a legal section and a social section – thanks to this, everyone will be able to do what they enjoy more!  



Ignorance of the law is harmful… that’s why students need your help! Your tasks will include the preparation of draft orders, resolutions and legal opinions for the needs of the Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland, providing advice to students, as well as support in developing pro-government solutions to national regulations. This is a unique opportunity to really shape the situation of the student community in our country! 


Social specialists! 

The enormity of issues related to supporting students in the field of social issues will not let you get bored!
You will be able to help student self-governments in creating and giving opinions on the rules of financial support, as well as take part in developing new nationwide solutions regarding financial support. We will consider together what should be the income threshold entitling students to apply for a social grant, or what should be the wording of the provision regarding the period during which students are entitled to benefits during studies.
Together, we will create a database of good practices regarding social matters, which will be helpful to students for many years!
It will certainly not happen without providing individual advice in the field of social matters.   


The Legal and Social Committee is for you if you like to review documents, analyze and create solutions that consider the interests of students!
We want to create a team of ambitious, committed people who want to gain experience and develop their competences!
Remember that everything can be learned – you will not be left alone with the assigned tasks – we will work together!  

Didactics and Quality of Education Committee

The basic task of the commission for didactics and quality of education will be the constant implementation and development of pro-quality activities on behalf of PSRP. The commission will consist of 3 sections, in which each of you will find something for yourself. 

  • Spreading culture of EQ
    • Didactics and transparency are its main foundations. Here you will find space to exchange experiences about study programs or the entire education cycle. Let’s join forces! The louder we speak, the more we will be. The main topic of conversation will be the promotion of grassroots initiatives and support for local government officials in pro-quality personal development.
  • Providing EQ
    • In college, it’s supposed to be quality, not quality. At this point, we will try to create comprehensive solutions to be used both in student governments and teaching committees throughout Poland. We will start with standards and end with good practices!
  • Assessment of EQ
    • Be prepared for many reports and publications. We will focus on long-term activities, the effects of which we will see only after time. Thus, this section will be intended for veterans of surveys and university research. Patience and regularity will be our key to success.

The Didactics and Quality of Education Committee is a place for people with ambitions, ready to improve their environment. Anyone who is not afraid of change and who tries to see new solutions or opportunities everywhere will find a place here. Try your hand at recruiting if: 

  • You are sufficiently motivated to change your studies for the better 
  • You are interested in the universally understood quality of education 
  • You like working in a team and celebrating successes together 
  • Do you want to develop your skills on the national arena 
  • You already have some pro-quality experience 
Press Office

If you want to join the team of the 4th power and co-create the media of the Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland, be sure to show creativity in the form provided below. Sell us your data (GDPR is cool), then together we will sell the best content in Poland. Together with us, create a better future for self-government and student media. 


The PSRP Press Office team is looking in particular for: 

  • People for the media team – operators, reporters, editors, producers / production managers, people who want to work both in front of and behind the camera. 
  • People for the team of graphic designers – working on both basic and advanced graphic tools and programs 
  • People for the IT team – IT specialists, IT students or IT technician graduates, IT enthusiasts, people with knowledge of CMS. 
  • People for the team of editors – editing texts, creating articles and content, having knowledge in the field of operation and running portals such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. 
  • People for the creative team of the TikTok / Instagram section – inventive, imaginative, knowing trends, coping with editing and processing content published in SM, who have no problem with sharing their image and appearing on recordings.  
  • People for the team of translators (ENG/UK) – who speak English and/or Ukrainian at a minimum B2+ level 


If you see yourself in any of these sections – fill out the application form below. We are waiting for you! 

International Cooperation Committee

The activities of the Committee for Foreign Cooperation will focus, among others, on: on servicing the Helpdesk for foreign students, promoting student mobility in the academic community and translating materials for the PSRP website and social networking sites. 

We invite people who have knowledge about foreign exchanges, are open to helping foreign students and feel good about translating websites and posts in social media to join the International Cooperation Committee. If English is not the only foreign language in your repertoire, it is a huge asset! 

Evaluation Committee

The activities of the evaluation committee will be mainly focused on creating various types of evaluation studies that will help to increase the quality of events/activities. implemented by the Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland. In the committee, we will also analyze and prepare reports on the conducted research. There will be various types of analyzes of PSRP activities and a creative approach to improving the quality of work of the bodies of the Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland. 

I would like the members of the committee to get to know each other, integrate and work together on various types of tasks. For me, people are the most important thing in the committee, and I would like every member of the committee to feel good in it. It plans to organize meetings, both stationary and remote, as well as numerous trainings in the field of committee activities.  

If you can think creatively and have an idea for innovative and interesting evaluation research, then this committee is for you. Members of this committee should be comfortable with analytical and evaluation topics. Remember that you can learn everything – we will be happy to help you learn and introduce you to the world of evaluation! 

External Cooperation Committee

The External Cooperation Committee is a team whose main task will be to establish relations with entities and institutions that will potentially be able to support the activity of the Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland.  

The team will analyze the market, create databases of potential partners and provide advice on external cooperation of student governments in Poland. 

During meetings, both online and stationary, we will exchange experience and determine the scope and detailed plan of actions to be taken at a certain time. 

The PSRP External Cooperation Committee will work on relations with partners, take care of the image of the local government community in the business space and facilitate the acquisition of funds for student initiatives.  

The Commission is addressed to people who like challenges. For whom meeting new people is a usual thing and working in a team and achieving common success is pure pleasure. Members of the committee should have at least basic knowledge in the field of drafting letters and official correspondence as well as savoir-vivre rules. Experience in acquiring sponsors for events is very welcome. 

We want to create a harmonious team that will support each other. Each team member should be a “puzzle” in the overall picture of our committee. 

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Project Committee
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