PSRP represents

nearly 1,300,000 students
in Poland
in accordance with law

Zdjecie grupowe PSRP

The Students’ Parliament Of The Republic
Of Poland

About us

PSRP is an independent nationwide organization that is the statutory representative of all students in Poland. It brings together student union’s from all public and private universities in the country.

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Konferencja Ekspertów Praw Studenta

The Conference of Students Rights Experts 

The Conference of Student Rights Experts is organized every year by the Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland. Its main goal is to prepare local Students’ Unions members from Polish universities to conduct and coordinate training in the field of student rights and obligations at their alma mater. Participants obtain the necessary theoretical and methodological knowledge from the best trainers. Thanks to the EPS Conference, local Students’ Unions members are perfectly prepared to organize training, which, in accordance with the Act Law on Higher Education and Science, must be conducted by the Students’ Unions members. 

The National Conference 

The National Conference is a training camp during which representatives of Students’ Unions members gain knowledge from the best specialists. The trainings cover both the academic realm, including skills relevant in everyday and professional life, and the municipal government realm. Each participant can choose expert committees according to their preferences. 

Krajowa Konferencja
Konwent Przewodniczących Samorządów Studenckich

The Convention of the Presidents of Students’ Unions

The Convention of Presidents is a conference that emphasises the exchange of good practices and experiences between leaders of Students’ Unions. During the meetings of the Convention, discussions are held on various issues related to higher education and local Unions activities. Training conducted by experienced trainers for increasing the skills and competence of participants. 

Gala of Student Society Awards “Pro Juvenes 

The “Pro Juvenes” awards are an initiative organized by the Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland since 2013. The aim of the competition is to promote active students and their initiatives, and to emphasize the achievements of people and entities that are student-friendly and support the potential of young people. By presenting the “Pro Juvenes” awards, the Parliament of Students of the Republic of Poland wants to create a good atmosphere of cooperation in the academic environment and integrate students from all over Poland. 

Krajowa Konferencja
Konwent Przewodniczących Samorządów Studenckich

PSRP Comfort Zone

“PSRP Comfort Zone” is a psychological support project aimed at all students from all over Poland, consisting of psychological support. As part of this initiative, each of us will be able to take advantage of individual online assistance and take part in webinars conducted by specialists. Thanks to this project, we will find answers to frequently asked questions, including how to deal with anxiety, how to use time productively and what signals may indicate poor mental health for both us and our loved ones. Everything is worth talking about!

#zaPROEJKTowani Academy

Develop your design skills with the Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland! #zaPROJEKTowani, i.e., the PSRP Academy, is a training for all members of the local governments who want to become the Master of Planning, teamwork and organizing projects. In addition to gaining knowledge during workshop blocks, you will meet many people, integrate, and exchange experiences.

Krajowa Konferencja
Konwent Przewodniczących Samorządów Studenckich

Selecttion of classes – do you see an error?

That’s good because perhaps you also see shortcomings in what universities offer us – students! We have the right to choose 30% of our program’s activities, but the reality is sometimes a little different. These can be e.g. language courses, faculties, seminars, internships or specialization classes. In practice, implementing this right looks… different depending on the university! That’s why we ask, do you see the error? Do you really have a choice in shaping your study program? Let us know and fill out the survey, and thanks to this we will be able to really change this situation. 
It is an initiative of the Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland, organized as part of the task Organizing and animating activities for the academic environment of the Ministry of Education and Science. 

Mateusz Kuliński


Mateusz Kuliński

A graduate of Lazarski University. There is an institution of the Student Ombudsman at the Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland, which intervenes in cases of pathologies and violations of students’ rights at universities and undertakes numerous preventive actions aimed at increasing awareness of students’ rights and obligations. 

If you need help or advice, you can contact the Ombudsman through the Office of the Student Ombudsman: 

The Ombudsman responds within 7 working days. If you describe the situation in detail and attach scans of documents, it will certainly facilitate faster consideration of the case.