[ENG] Call to action – Fill out your country page on InclusiveMobility.eu

The Flemish Ministry of Education and Training has been coordinating the EPFIME project on Inclusive Mobility (KA3 Support to the implementation of EHEA reforms – 2018-2020) during the last 2 years, in close cooperation with project partners: the Flemish Support Centre Inclusive Higher Education (SIHO), the Association for Higher Education Access and Disability (AHEAD) in Ireland, the Irish Universities Association (IUA) and the Erasmus Student Network (ESN).

The project outcomes build further on the survey to which many contributed last year through the ‘Inclusive Mobility Survey’, a research focusing specifically on the mobility of students with disabilities.

On April 22, 2021 final conference “Making mobility programmes more inclusive for students with disabilities” took place. More than 600 participants were present at the event: higher education representatives working in International Relations Offices or Disability/Inclusion offices, representatives of (Erasmus+) National Agencies, Ministries of Education of the European Higher Education Area, NGO representatives and students.

During the conference, several tools have been presented in-depth:

  • The Research report and Good practice booklet;
  • The platform InclusiveMobility.eu;
  • The Framework, Self-assessment tool, Guidelines and Toolbox to make mobility programmes more inclusive;
  • The platform InclusiveMobility.eu serves as a unique central point to find all information about Inclusive Mobility, for all relevant stakeholders: higher education institutions, national agencies for Erasmus+, ministries of education and students. Developed in cooperation between ESN and SIHO, the platform offers every stakeholder the opportunity to provide detailed information about their strategies, processes and support services on Inclusive Mobility in the European Higher Education Area. Prospective students who are considering studying abroad will be able to access this crucial information rapidly and in a clear manner. The platform also encourages students with disabilities by offering clear information about existing mobility opportunities, and testimonies from other students who went abroad.

On the platform, every country has a country page. We invite you to create an account and fill out the information of your country on inclusion strategies and services.

If all countries follow-up with the registration, this project can ensure that a European cooperation network arises that promotes transparent and uniform sharing of information on the support and guidance of students with disabilities in mobility. Which in itself will result in not only stronger ties and collaborations between various European countries, but also in an increase in the quantity and quality of experiences of students with a disabilities participating in international exchange programmes. A result that not only strengthens the position and the development of these individual students, but also of institutions of higher educations, national authorities and international partnerships throughout the EHEA.

For more detailed information about the tools and some instruction videos visit inclusivemobilty.eu